Wow!  Here’s a guy who destroys stereotypes.  If you ever thought that Jewish people were not particularly athletic, apparently the Russians are producing a new breed.

Igor olshansky Igor Olshansky is the 6’6″ 315-pound defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys who is also a Russian Jew. He is not “observant” but nevertheless has two Stars of David tatooed on his “massive clavicles.”

“In a sports world with relatively few Jewish athletes, and fewer who talk openly about their religion, he has become a role model of sorts to Jewish children. That’s what happened back in San Francisco, where he grew up, and in San Diego, where he played the last five seasons for the Chargers. Perhaps it will happen in Dallas someday as well.”

Maybe the Mossad should be pumping out clones of Olshansky.


A spiritual force: Dallas Cowboys’ Olshansky fiercely proud in his Jewish faith