I’m delighted to announce that a new video/DVD featuring me and my work is now available!

The DVD, produced by artist Scott Burdick, can be obtained here:

“Great Minds of Our Time: D.M. Murdock”

Please note that I had little input in the editing process of this video, which represents not a documentary so much as an “artistic expression” by Scott Burdick, and I am therefore not responsible for Scott’s narration, image selection, chapter titles or any typos, etc.

However, it is my information and voice, and there are plenty of screenshots of me throughout. Indeed, this two-hour DVD is the distillation of some 12 hours of interviews that covered numerous topics under the sun! If the history of religion and mythology fascinates you, as it does me, you will enjoy this video!

Scott has organized the video into easily accessed chapters following a particular theme, so you can skip around to sample all of the topics. (See the “Table of Contents” below.)

“I just watched ‘Great Minds Of Our Times,’ absolutely brilliant! You certainly are one of them!”

–Paola Hughson

“I just watched Great Minds of Our Time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The imagery was awesome, the content fascinating and very informative, and the great mind…beautiful! Excellent…well done, and already expecting/waiting, for a sequel.”

–Michael Hauser

“Acharya, I watched your new DVD interview. It was excellent. I just wanted to let you know. I will be recommending it (as I do with your books) to people who inquisitive and need that nudge to break out and spread their wings. :-)”

–Michael Williams

“Many thanks for all your BRIGHT work Acharya! Did enjoy the 2hours DVD today and posted about it on my FB. You are very beautiful and what you are saying is GREAT KNOWLEDGE. Loved also the pictures going along with your words and even your earrings (very lovely :)).”

–Ana Maria

All purchases will help spread my work further, as will any word-of-mouth advertising we may receive from good folks passing this post around. Now you can view the fascinating information about the origins of much religion and mythology with your friends and loved ones!Cover of D.M. Murdock DVD

Here’s the introduction by Scott on his website:

D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S) is one of the great scholars of comparative religion and author of five books that explore the evolution of Christianity, the theory of Mythicism, and the latest scholarship of the New Testament. Being an avid reader of history, this is one of the authors I have long admired, so it was an honor to interview her for the very first in this series of interviews I have planned.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with her books, you are in for a treat. No matter what your religious beliefs, you are sure to learn a great deal from listening to someone who has spent decades of researching a subject that has fascinated scholars for all of recorded history.

Complementing the words of this visionary researcher are dozens of my own photographs and even a few paintings that I have gathered from my travels around the world. I hope the combination of new facts, ideas, and images will spur you to look at this subject with new eyes and insights. Your conclusions may not be the same as mine, or Ms. Murdock’s, but they are sure to challenge some of the things we’ve never even thought to question before.

Scott Burdick

Thanks, Scott!

Was John the Baptist an Egyptian myth?

Table of Contents

Virgin Birth
Oh Brother
Who’s Your Daddy?
A Star
The Source
Sun versus Moon
Light of the World
Original Baptists
Past and Present
Devilish Tricks
Onion’s Core
Gospel Truth
Point Your Cannon
God Factory
The Mysteries
The Conspirators
God Killers
Burden of Proof
Cover Up
Not the First
To Speak
Respecting Beliefs