Reading about all the special treatment being received by the American Muslim population–which we are reminded by dhimwits is just so tiny and insignificant that we really shouldn’t be concerned about it–it’s hard not to wonder if terrorism doesn’t pay.

One Muslim writer, Dr. Tawfik Hamid, was recently appalled to discover that upon re-entering the U.S. at Washington’s Dulles Airport, the first photo image to greet him was a clear appeasement of Muslims:

“Upon landing in the U.S. after speaking at a conference in Poland, I noticed that the first picture welcoming international visitors to the U.S. at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) was of two Muslim women wearing the hijab. The photo also portrayed a mosque and the crescent as a symbol for Islam. I have noticed on other visits to the airport that the same photo is in the same position: Window A1 of the immigration hall, where the travelers show customs officials their documentation. I have checked the other pictures in the hall to see if other religions are also represented in the same manner. To my surprise, there are none. The ONLY religious symbols that exist in such a manifest manner are the Islamic ones. This situation raises an important question: why don’t the airport authorities acknowledge other faiths as well? If the answer is that Muslims are a minority, then why doesn’t acknowledge the other religious minorities?”

Pretty sickening stuff.  Everywhere around the world non-Muslims have been capitulating and sucking up–obviously out of sheer terror. Has the whole world turned into Chamberlains?

As Churchill once said, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile–hoping it will eat him last.”

AAC Leader Blasts Islam only Symbols at Airport