The Exodus Case by Lennart MollerAs part of the research for my forthcoming book Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver, I have done a multipart review of Lennart Möller’s popular book The Exodus Case, which seeks to prove the Exodus to be a historical event, supernatural miracles and all, as depicted in the Bible.

Here are the three parts of the review, which I created on the forum thread for my book Did Moses Exist?

Did the Biblical Plagues Really Happen?

Did the Exodus Really Happen? Review of The Exodus Case Continued

The Exodus Case Review Conclusion

Here is the entire review in a single PDF:

Did the Exodus Really Happen? The Exodus Case Reviewed by D.M. Murdock

Feel free to distribute widely the above document, print out copies, send electronically via email and post on websites. When posting, excerpting or quoting, please include proper attribution to D.M. Murdock and a link back.

As we can see from reviews of this book on Amazon, the author has managed to convince many people with his arguments. However, as you will read in my review, he has not proved that the Exodus really happened, especially not as depicted biblically, much less demonstrated where it occurred. The conclusion remains that the episode belongs in the realm of myth, much like the national epics of other countries and ethnicities, such as the Homeric and the Indian.

“Congratulations, Acharya.  I have never seen the Exodus myth so thoroughly and unequivocally disproved.”

Barbara Walker, Man Made God

Table of Contents

Thutmosis II?
Two Million Hebrew Slaves?
The Plagues
Why No Egyptian Records?
The Ipuwer Papyrus
The Philistines
The Journey to Midian
Parting the Waters of the Gulf of Aqaba?
Pillars at the Crossing?
Chariot Wheels and Skeletons on the Seabed?
Location of Mt. Sinai
Simple and Childish Place-Names Indicate Mythical Nature
The 12 Wells
Manna from Heaven
Striking the Rock for Water
An Altar?
Moses in Midian
The Golden Calf Altar?
Who Wrote the Pentateuch?

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