Thank you very much for all the kind words on my previous article here, “How Islam failed me.” I hope the children of Allah will come to their senses and find humanity within their heart. You, the fighters of Allah, must do some soul searching. You must educate yourself. Islam glorifies death by calling many of its martyrs the “soldiers of Allah.” Islam preaches superiority of the “we,” and inferiority of the “other.”

Dear Muslim, being born human comes with a precious gift: the gift to think and decide for yourself. Islam has robbed you of this gift from birth. Parents, aided by relatives and brainwashed by slaveholder imams and mullahs, colluded and did the thinking for you when you were still in no position to exercise your right. They branded you as Muslim, simply because you were born in a Muslim family. Cattle are branded, not humans. Cattle are owned by others. Humans are not. Having branded you “Muslim,” those who robbed you of your gift of self-determination dared you to leave their bondage under the threat of death as apostate.

Dear Muslim, you have been intelligent enough to forsake failed Islamic lands for a better life elsewhere. Dar-ul-Aman has given refuge. Now that you are in a free society, you want to reclaim your stolen gift of liberty and freedom of choice. You want to shatter the shackles of Islam that has enchained you from birth. You want to take your place in the ranks of the supporters and promoters of liberty that democracy provides and Islam destroys.

Dear Muslim, you know full well that it is Islam’s dysfunctional doctrine with its stone-age rule of the Shariah that is responsible for the abominable conditions of the Islamic countries.

Contrary to the preachers of hate – the Islamic clergy of vested interests – the “infidels” are not your enemies: they demonstrate their goodwill by giving you refuge; your deadly enemy is the interpretation of the doctrine of Islam that keeps you captive even in freedom.

Religion is a powerful force. And as is the case with any force, it can do work of the good or that of the evil. And when there is multiplicity of religions at loggerheads with one another the forces clash and any benefit that religion offers is offset by potentially huge costs.

Dear Muslim, you have taken a great step by coming to the Dar-ul-Aman in search of self-betterment. Now, you need to take the next step of purging your mind of the Psychosocial Virus of fundamentalist Islam you contracted unwillingly: you want to do all you can to give your children their gift of humanity by not doing to them what your parents did to you, so that they can, unencumbered by the dogma of hate, become emancipated human beings.

This “refuge,” a nation of all nations called America, is indeed the harbinger of the not too far away world of the future. A future world where liberty rules supreme and fascisms of all forms, including Islamofascism, will be remembered as horrific impediments to humanity’s ever-forward-march toward the goal of making this presently darksome village earth a reflection of heaven.

Best wishes,
Amil Imani

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