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We at Stellar House Publishing were devastated by our loss of author D.M. Murdock also known as Acharya S, who passed away from cancer on Christmas Day 2015. Her son and I are doing the best we can to keep her work available to all. You can help by buying books, ebooks, Kindles and by donating to help cover maintenance and upkeep costs for the websites. Don’t forget to request our books at your local library too.

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“See Exodus 39:9-14: “…they made the breastplate… And they set in it four rows of stones… And the stones were according to the names of the children of Israel, twelve…according to the twelve tribes.”

As Josephus says (Antiquities, 3.8): “And for the twelve stones, whether we understand by them the months, or whether we understand the like number of the signs of that circle which the Greeks call the zodiac, we shall not be mistaken in their meaning.” (Josephus/Whiston, 75.)

Earlier than Josephus, Philo (“On the Life of Moses,” 12) had made the same comments regarding Moses: “Then the twelve stones on the breast, which are not like one another in colour, and which are divided into four rows of three stones in each, what else can they be emblems of, except of the circle of the zodiac?” (Philo/Duke, 99.)”

– Christ in Egypt, 261-2 by Murdock

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