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Tanzania, Africa (Image by Vardion)

In Tanzania, you can be arrested for “illegal preaching,” as two Christians have been, after they showed up for a supposed interfaith debate and dialogue with Muslims. The fact that it was “Islamists” who essentially had them arrested suggests that “illegal preaching” in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is becoming defined as anything that threatens Islam. This sort of restriction is the rule in Saudi Arabia, where the classical form of Islam, Wahhabism, strangles the people, especially women. Perhaps non-Muslim countries should follow suit and ban Islamic proselytizing as “illegal preaching” – especially since it frequently includes virulent hate speech against other religions, ethnicities, women and nonbelievers.  Problem solved!

Of course, we in the civilized world have constitutions and laws that prohibit persecution based on religious belief. These laws in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave extend to freedom not only of religion but also from religion. Violent speech and threats as part of religious “preaching,” however, is discouraged, and one can be arrested for that violation. Such as:

“God’s curse be upon the infidels! Evil is that for which they have bartered away their souls. To deny God’s own revelation, grudging that He should reveal His bounty to whom He chooses from among His servants! They have incurred God’s most inexorable wrath. An ignominious punishment awaits the unbelievers.” –Koran/Quran, 2:89-2:90

“Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate.” –Q 9:73

Naturally, there is much more such hate speech against nonbelievers in the Islamic holy scriptures.

Arrested Evangelists in Tanzania Say Muslims Colluded with Police

Two Christian evangelists in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, have been arrested after Muslims invited them to debate religion but instead called in security agents who charged the evangelists with illegal preaching.

Anglican evangelists Eleutery Kobelo and Cecil Simbaulanga, released on bail and facing a hearing on Feb. 11, told Compass that Christian and Muslim groups organized the inter-faith debate that was planned for a neutral venue in October of last year in the Kariakoo area of Dar es Salaam.

Kobelo said no Muslims showed up at the debate until Islamists arrived with government security agents who charged them with “using religious sermons to incite Muslims and Christians into viewing each other with suspicion.”

“This continuous intimidation by the Muslims using the police is worrying us,” he said….

Worries me too on this side of the pond!