It’s really great when people donate their time and skills to help others. I highly encourage that type of behavior in our global community. But I do wish people would just do it, without any strings attached or as motivated by belief an invisible Jewish man or other such inspiration.

Case in point, the many Christian missionaries and doctors who feel the need to spread the Gospel while aiding in building infrastructure and health in other countries or regions. It’s wonderful that they help so many people and that people can turn to them. It would be even better, however, if they didn’t fill people’s heads with extraordinary supernatural claims and fairytales as some sort of “spiritual” alternative to what they are already following. At this point in history, Christianity is superior to Islam, so if people must be converted to an organized religion, of the two the former is better.

The Gospel according to Acharya SHowever, even better would be to “convert” the physically and spiritually impoverished to the concepts found in my book The Gospel According to Acharya S, which in reality constitute liberation from the erroneous concepts promulgated by mainstream organized religions.

As one reader of the Gospel remarked: “”THE MOST liberating book I’ve read…ever! My eyes are open wide now!”

Another one says of my essay “What is God”: “The most truthful piece of spiritual writing I’ve ever read!”

And yet another reader comments: “I found it very interesting and full of good information and real facts. But I also found it profoundly spiritual.”

Instead of inculcating people into the belief that there is an invisible Jewish guy who is watching at all times, ready to strike at all times–“but he loves you!”–it would be very refreshing if people doing charity work would be motivated simply because it’s the right thing to do, and offer spiritual support that isn’t tied into a fictional tale about a particular culture.

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