by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S

Excerpted from:

The Gospel According to Acharya S

The Gospel According to Acharya S

“Life must celebrate life each day, every day, however the day may begin, or whatever the day may bring, however we might do the celebration. The celebration of life must never stop as long as mankind is on this earth, and we each have breath. To celebrate is to emphasize the positive and not the negative.”

Cecil Mark Inman, A Celebration of Life (222)

What is the purpose in life? Is it simply to follow rules and rote that turn people into robots and drones? It is clear that human beings, free from stifling and enslaving ideologies, can become great, exalted and divine. While it is crucial and good to engage

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in the breaking down of divisive and dangerous beliefs that make human beings less glorious than they truly are, it is also necessary to identify that glory, such that we may all strive to attain to it. The human experience is largely one of extremes, and we have seen how negative extremes have manifested themselves in the human species and in the natural world around them. We have attempted to destroy these detrimental divisions. Now is the time to reveal the beauty and vivacity of the butterfly that emerges when the dead and desiccated cocoon is removed.

When are Human Beings at Their Best?

Thomas Cooper Gotch's 'The Pageant of Childhood'

When human beings have fully blossomed, when they’ve reached a certain level of soul maturity that is balanced, neither too aggressive nor too ineffectual, they are a wonder to behold, bursting with life and love. These divine beings have a tremendous sense of humor, knowing well that there is no reason to take this long, strange trip seriously. This wondrous state of being requires not extraordinary intelligence but wisdom, which can be found even within a tiny seed. The intelligence the enlightened condition does require is that which compels all living creatures to be truly alive. This natural state is in fact the same in which animals live; it is not difficult to attain. Yet, because of ego encrustation many people cannot regain this experience, which is that of childhood.

People at their best maintain the awe and wonder of a child while developing the responsibility and integrity of true adulthood. They are sensitive and empathetic, sharing in the pain of others and providing remedy. Yet, they are not emotional basketcases who become too debilitated by tragedy for their own good and that of others. Unfortunately, such an experience may be necessary for a soul to mature, but there comes a time when one has had enough misfortune and demands change for one’s own life, those of loved ones and of all life in general. The metamorphosis into a true human being can be propelled by the painful experiences. At the point of blooming, one has truly decided that pain is to be avoided and that one’s actions will be designed to provoke the most amount of happiness and bliss.

“For, during these moments of catastrophe, whether it be an earthquake, other act of nature or human tragedy, division and prejudice are cast aside, and glorious heroes are created.”

The ability to change instantly a bad situation into a good one is not so easily gained; yet, it is at times like these, when people pull together and bring off masterful miracles, that human beings really shine. For, during these moments of catastrophe, whether it be an earthquake, other act of nature or human tragedy, division and prejudice are cast aside, and glorious heroes are created. So, the blossoming individual rates as a hero or heroine. But this statement need not be construed as hero worship or as an encouragement for people to be overly heroic such that they endanger themselves or others; it simply reflects that when these moments happen, they reveal the best of the human being. A heroic action is not the only time that the best is revealed, obviously. And, obviously, we’d prefer to avoid catastrophes in the first place. As they say, it is unfortunate it takes tragedy to bring out the best in people.

When human beings take it on their own initiative to right a wrong or better a situation, regardless of any ideology, they are at their luscious best. When they are selfless enough to step in where needed and responsible enough to be concerned about others and their environment. When they have the class to be gracious and forgiving-this quality is when humans reach perfection.

Humans Can Be Radiant and Superb

Mary Cassatt's 'Children Playing with a Cat'

Human beings are also at their best when they are around animals and babies, which can be perfectly enjoyable in a perfect world. Children are frequently simply amazing beings who express endless joy and love. It is true that although they are not very cognizant, babies are teachers, in that they provide examples of various aspects of our true nature. And this natural, innocent state of babyhood is one reason why people have children: To experience vicariously their awe and bliss, which represent divine qualities. Of course, not all children are fortunate enough to have this rapturous life. But humans at their best strive to provide all others, including animals, with this ultimate life experience of being surrounded by love and wonderment. Animals, of course, frequently bring out the best in humans, in many different situations. Pets no doubt give many people much thrill at being alive. Like babies, some animals are truly adorable and can get a smile out of the worst grouch. And baby animals could melt an iceberg.

People are also at their best when they participate in group activities that are pure and raw, not repeating rote as in church, temple, synagogue or mosque, but singing songs of many types, cheering on others, going on nature walks or dancing in ecstasy.

Caronline Zhang at the Grand Prix 2007 (Photo: Alberto Sepe)

Humans are also wonderful when they are creative. When creating, humans are about as divine as they can become, since creativity is the realm of the creator. Creativity is the creator. Creativity is art, and vice versa. The greatest works of art move us profoundly, whether they be paintings, photos, films or literature. But an equation that solves the world’s energy needs or a medical technique that allows for normal life are also great works of art. An environmentally friendly community is art. Art includes beautiful performances that stir us to laughter and tears, such as singing, dancing or figure skating. Even a great athletic competition can be art. As would be a less popular battle of the wits. And, in a world where overpopulation is not a problem, creating another life is a wondrous work of art. “Art” can basically be defined as the striving for excellence in any field, subject or interest. This striving for excellence, however, does not represent the neurotic quest for perfection in which one self-flagellates or bludgeons others for perceived small mistakes. This quest for excellence is a celebration along the way; it is enjoyable in itself. The artist knows there will always be flaws but may attempt to reduce them, purely for the pleasure of doing so, of improving, but not out of some frenzied and desperate sense.

When creating art of any sort, humans are sublime and celestial. They represent the ideal of the universe, the pinnacle of creation itself. They are angels and gods. And this sublimity is one reason human beings are cherished, and why the human incarnation, as bad as it can get, is so desirable.

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Another reason the human experience is so alluring is because of love and sex, pure and simple. It would not be an overstatement that every living creature enjoys feeling ecstasy, that blissful rush which dissolves the boundaries of existence. Thus, the delectable sensation attracts randy souls from around the cosmos. Many are vying for time on this plane, despite its serious pitfalls, because the return to the Void from here is a helluva ride! Or a heaven of a ride, as the case may be. But, this thrill for life can be experienced through the body, by a variety of methods from art to sports to meditation. Besides the physical ecstasy, however, there is spiritual euphoria, which serves to reconnect a soul with its source, and here again is when humans become divine. This “cosmic orgasm” reveals the illusion of creation and the oneness of all. It also brings the understanding that while souls may be encased within separate identities, they are all part of the purity and beauty of the whole. And the true love produced between human beings sets the cosmos itself on fire. It lights up the whole universe. This state of evolution is when humans at are their best.

Paul Linke 'Landschaft aus Südtirol mit Blick auf die Marmolata'

Humans are also at their ultimate best when they are not constantly focused on being with people but can walk through the woods, climb a hill or lie in a meadow, where the aroma of flowers grabs their attention and makes them look closer at their surroundings. People are fully alive when they are in nature, when their feet are massaged by grass or sand, when they are sitting silently against a tree, listening to the music of the birds and the wind. Humans are at their finest when they are lying under a starry sky projecting themselves into the vast and miraculous unknown. This communion with nature is one with the entire cosmos. It is, indeed, a celebration of life.

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