Some demented Christians are claiming, of course, that my cancer is “God’s judgment.” Unfortunately for these utter idiots, most cancer cases in the United States are occurring in CHRISTIANS, so are they also being judged by God? But thanks for demonstrating once again what a horrible and unloving “god” you follow! Torturing those who don’t believe in him – yep, that’s really enlightened. [/sarc]

In the meantime, below is a very devout CHRISTIAN woman who had a terrible bout with inflammatory breast cancer. She is one of those who survived despite the brutal treatment and its complications. Her book is full of discussions of Jesus and God – according to these foolish fanatics, she must have done something terrible to Jesus and God in order to be “punished” in this manner.

Again, what a despicable God – thanks for reminding me of why I would never believe in such a monstrosity. You have simply confirmed my work.

I Have Cancer. I Want to Live

And for those who are not insensate and evil-minded religious fanatics, my disease is one of TOXICITY, as we are surrounded by some 75,000 cancer-causing substances, including in our water, food and drugs. For example, the carcinogenic product Roundup is regularly being found in breast tissue – and that’s just one source of cancer. Others include BPA, PCBs, phtalates, etc., ad nauseam.

* Added edit by NW Barker: Acharya S/DM Murdock passed away due to cancer on December 25th, 2015. I feel sorry for Christians who attempt to use her death from cancer as proof for their god. If he existed he could’ve proven his existence to her then, healed her and created a new ally in the fight for souls to be saved. I’m positive her young son would’ve greatly appreciated it too, but no, it didn’t happen because your god does not exist. If Jesus existed he would be ashamed of you.

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