arghan woman with child wearing burqa burkha burkaThankfully, this important Muslim group, the Muslim Canadian Congress, is not possessed of the disease of “moral relativity” and understands exactly what the burqa, niqab, chador, etc., represent: The oppression of women.

“The burka has absolutely no place in Canada,” said Farzana Hassan, of the Muslim Canadian Congress. “In Canada we recognize the equality of men and women. We want to recognize gender equality as an absolute. The burka marginalizes women.”

She said many women who cover their face in public are being forced to by their husbands and family. As a result, she argued, these women are denied opportunities and cannot live freely as other women in this society.

The justification of this depraved practice for any reason other than protecting the skin in sandstorms is disgusting and appalling.

Let the shrill cries of “Islamophobe,” “racist” and “Zionist” begin. They will not cover up the voices of millions of Muslim women worldwide who would love to have the opportunity to live real and free lives.


Muslim group calls for burka ban in Canada