Here is an important discussion involving two ex-extremist Muslim reformers, one still Muslim, Dr. Tawfik Hamid, and the other a Christian convert, Walid Shoebat, along with current “radical” (devout) Islamic supremacist Anjem Choudary, who once again reveals the plot for global Islamic domination and the subjugation of non-Muslims.

The program is hosted by Samar Gorial, a Christian woman at  Aramaic Broadcasting Network who calmly gives Anjem plenty of time to convict himself, while Dr. Hamid confirms the brutality of sharia law, saying that it is “threatening our civilization.” Notice how Choudary has “no problem” with murdering people left and right, for adultery and apostasy, for example. He also remarks, “Hello, Europe, and good bye [to] the rotten civilization of capitalism, democracy and freedom, that’s what I say.” Walid shoebat takes off the gloves and expresses the opinion that it is Islam itself we are up against. This is a fascinating conversation that touches upon many of the most germane issues concerning this subject of global Islamic encroachment.