NEWSFLASH: California’s Governor Jerry Brown vetoes industrial hemp bill

Almost two decades ago, I stood up at a Jerry Brown presidential press conference and asked him, in front of all the media and hundreds of people, about industrial hemp as a solution for many of the world’s problems. If we’d had industrial hemp since then, I am certain that we wouldn’t have so much pollution and terrorism, and we wouldn’t be in the economic dire straits we’re in now. This ban has GLOBAL repercussions as well, beyond reckoning.

The hemp-banners appear determined to destroy the world. Now we know why the Feds have been harassing pot growers and medical marijuana users, so they could intimidate governors to screw up our children’s futures and keep their prison-industry, oilmongering and pharmaceutical buddies in $$$$. Sue them and throw them out of office!

To his credit, Brown did say that he wished the Federal anti-hemp law could be overturned:

In a veto message, Brown said federal law considers industrial hemp to be a regulated, controlled substance, and that failure to obtain a federal permit would subject California farmers to federal prosecution.

“Although I am not signing this measure, I do support a change in federal law,” Brown said in a veto message. “Products made from hemp – clothes, food, and bath products – are legally sold in California every day. It is absurd that hemp is being imported into the state, but our farmers cannot grow it.”

Yet, Brown is in the perfect position to help change that law, as the head of a major American economic engine who surely has many legal eagles at his disposal to protect his state citizens against the Federal thugs. Pass the bill, then deal with the issues – force the Federal government’s hand! He would have millions of American supporters stand with him.

“Hemp production would create millions of jobs!”

Here’s the solution the Occupiers are looking for – THIS ban on industrial hemp is what they should be protesting.

“Hemp paper is what the drafts of the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution were printed on! American Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson grew hemp. It was illegal NOT to grow hemp in the early days of American colonization. The first American flag was made out of hemp! The U.S. government promoted hemp production for ‘victory’ during World War II.

I’ve been wanting to publish my books on hemp paper since the very beginning, but it’s been prohibitively expensive. Hemp paper is what the drafts of the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution were printed on! American Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson grew hemp. It was illegal NOT to grow hemp in the early days of our American colonization. The U.S. government promoted hemp production for “victory” during World War II.

“Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere.”

–George Washington

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and prosperity of the nation.”

— Thomas Jefferson

Hemp has thousands of uses, replacing all kinds of toxic products, including practically anything made from plastic. Hemp can used even to make cars, as is happening in Canada, for one.

Hemp is also a potent phyto-remediator, able to clean up toxic waste, including NUCLEAR waste as well as oil and other trash created by the same industries that have sprung up because of the hemp ban.

Plastic products clogging up our waterways and destroying our oceans – these could have been made out of BIODEGRADABLE HEMP. Our planet is DYING largely because of this prohibition. So, do you still think I’m being hyperbolic when I say Jerry Brown has just signed the death warrant for millions? California’s policies affect many millions beyond its borders – indeed, this one state has a strong international influence: As of this writing, California has the eighth largest economy in the world, more than the vast majority of countries.

Still don’t believe me about how important the cultivation of hemp is for the world? Check out this document:

A plan for reducing the poor’s-rate, by giving permanent employment to the labouring classes: with some observations on the cultivation of flax and hemp; and an account of a new process for dressing and preparing flax and hemp, without water-steeping or dew-rotting. With the report of a committee of the House of Commons on the merits of the invention (1817)

See the date there? For almost 200 years it’s been known that widespread hemp production could benefit the poorest of the poor. A plan to reduce poverty – get it?!! Meanwhile, Canada and other countries WILL benefit from their LEGAL hemp industry – how stupid can America be? Be prepared, Canada, for a wave of refugees from the U.S. streaming through the borders!

Hemp prohibition is a source of domestic terrorism

House in South Africa made out of hemp, inside and outObama get re-elected because he’s sending out Federal thugs to terrorize old and sick people for smoking pot? Forget about it! These attacks on medical marijuana are clearly aimed at INDUSTRIAL HEMP, even though the two are not the same plant. Lumping industrial hemp with marijuana is how hemp was banned in the first place, so newspaper barons could cut down our trees for paper, and oilmongers could make their crappy petroleum products.

Obama gives lip service to energy independence, but hemp is a major source of biomass and could contribute greatly to our energy needs, as well as those worldwide, so nobody needs to invade other people’s countries.

Why do the most visionless people lead our world? Why are the greedy and selfish empowered beyond their wildest dreams, while true and caring visionaries wallow in obscurity and remain disempowered economically? Please don’t insult our intelligence by saying there’s any “intelligent designer” behind this mess. The truly intelligent design is the hemp plant itself! It’s a “God-given” resource, if one must think in those terms.

Our children’s future rests largely upon access to this incredibly versatile natural resource that could help local communities globally better their situations, without having to resort to assistance from elsewhere, without having others trespass against their sovereignty, without a bunch of horrible, genocidal, destructive and polluting wars over resources. Millions have died because of this prohibition, and millions more will follow.

If multibillionaires like George Soros and the rest really want to make a difference, they will put together a massive class-action lawsuit on behalf of ALL humanity and sue these hemp-banning vested interests into oblivion, because we are now looking into a very black hole without a lifeline. If California had led the way in allowing industrial hemp production, we might stand a chance against the coming tide of destruction and death, but not now.


When millions of people start dying from hunger, disease, toxicity, polluted water sources, warfare, lack of resources, poverty, strife and all the rest that happens when environments are taxed, these individuals will be responsible. Those who initiated this ban globally, beginning with William Randolph Hearst, Lammont Dupont and Harry Anslinger, and those politicians who continue this destructive prohibition, will be known as some of the greatest criminals in history. These hemp-banners are traitors to all humanity.

Brown himself could have taken the risk, gotten the ball rolling, and stood up to the Federal government by NOT vetoing this bill. If you want to do something, feel free to contact Governor Jerry Brown and politely let him know how you feel about this situation.

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Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841
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