Oh dear! Some horrible Islamophobe has written a factual story about how the garbage in the Egyptian city of Cairo, populated mostly by Muslims, is piling up in the streets because of the slaughter of local pigs in fear of swine flu.

Goodness, pointing out the “Trash of Islam,” as the article deems it, is just such a cultural transgression! Pointing out the violence, brutality, hatred and cruelty of Islamists?  Unforgivable!

Don’t forget, not coddling Islamic sensibilities by making reports about a crisis in a Muslim country is just one huge Islamophobic, Zionist plot!

The Trash of Islam

The Egyptian city of Cairo, the largest city in the Arab world and the “timeless city” of Obama’s Cairo speech, is suffering from a garbage crisis. The crisis has a very simple cause, the pigs that used to eat the garbage were killed to prevent the spread of Swine Flu. The pigs living in “Garbage City” had served as both organic garbage disposals and food sources for the Zabaleen, families of marginalized Christian Copts who made a living by collecting the garbage, reselling the inorganic garbage and feeding the organic garbage to pigs. The system worked fine so long as there were pigs, but without the pigs, Cairo’s streets are filled with giant mounds of rotting garbage.