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Buddhism in prison – a good idea?

Ultimately, there is a reason we rarely hear about Buddhist terrorists, murderers, rapists, thieves and so on. In consideration of this fact, it might be wise to increase the availability of Buddhistic thought within prisons, the realm of the most difficult and hardened individuals on the planet. Increasing difficulties and hardening via fanaticism that teaches supremacy of the faithful and hatred for unbelievers—to be manifested in a myriad of aggressive, hostile and violent ways—is certainly not the answer. Nor is proselytizing the projection of one’s life and responsibility on a giant man in the sky an appropriate solution. Teaching how to create a peaceful mind, body and soul represents the most productive path for all human beings, whether incarcerated or not. For, in the end, if we do not develop our own innate morality and integrity, we remain in a prison of our own making….