A British nurse who has been working at the same hospital for 31 years has been told recently that she can no longer wear her small cross, because it may be “dangerous.” All of a sudden, the cross is an issue–but the Muslims working there are allowed to wear the head scarf or hijab. Gee, maybe those could be dangerous too, because they could strangle someone!

Obviously, I have no great love for Christianity, because I view it as based on a false “history.” But it is evident that Islam is being favored here, while Christianity is being marginalized. What else is new in Great Britain?

This sort of behavior is precisely how Islam takes over and destroys other cultures. For example, in Saudi Arabia, outward expressions of any other faith are harshly discouraged, if not strictly forbidden, and people have been murdered for merely possessing Bibles.

I disagree with Christian claims, but I disagree even more vehemently that living, breathing human beings should be persecuted or murdered in the name of God, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha or any other cult figure.

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