One of the actresses from the now infamous “Muhammad” movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” wants to clear her name. The film she was involved in making had nothing to do with Islam, Mohammed or Muslims. The actors and crew were tricked into the film by the producer, “Sam,” who said he was “tired of radical Muslims running around and killing everyone.” The original title of this film was “Desert Warriors,” and it concerned a character named “George” 2,000 years ago in Egypt.

This woman is another innocent in this drama whose life has now been threatened, as the “religion-of-peacers” rampage in the streets and on Youtube, calling for the deaths of the film’s actors and producer. The actors has nothing to do with this “Mohammed” film, which was dubbed afterwards, without their knowledge. While the producer’s behavior in endangering these individuals is reprehensible and legally actionable, this instance reveals most importantly the absolute irrationality and madness of religious fanaticism. It is condemnable that the film’s ridiculous caricatures of violent, foaming-at-the-mouth Islamic religious fanatics are being acted out for real all over the world.

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