otranto cathedral skulls beheadedWe often hear cries of “blowback!” when confronting the problem of Islamic fundamentalism and fanaticism – also known as classical Islam, not “extremist” or “radical.” Everything but Islam is blamed for Muslim violence – it’s the bad white/Christian/Jewish/Indian/French men, et al., etc., ad nauseam, who drove the poor, innocent Muslims to defend themselves by committing violent acts. Otherwise, they would have been the peaceful lambs of their peaceful religion, minding their own business.

The facts speak otherwise, however, from the constant incitements to violence in the Koran and other Islamic texts, to the some 270 million dead bodies in Islam’s wake over the past 1,400 years. There is no doubt about it: Islam is a warrior religion, devised by warriors for conquest, period. Many examples of straightforward aggression – not “blowback” – can be cited, as in the following video.

In the meantime, here is the text of the image above:

“In 1480, a Muslim army under Mohammed II seized the city of Otranto in southern Italy. Of the 22,000 inhabitants captured by the Muslims, 12,000 were bound with ropes and tortured to death outside the city walls. The Muslims also killed all the Christian priests they could find. On a hill outside the city, still known as Martyr’s Hill, they beheaded at least 800 city folk who refused to convert to Islam, including the town’s bishop. It took a year before the Muslim invaders were driven out of Otranto, and when the Christian liberators found the beheaded bodies on the hill outside the town, they entombed the skeletons behind glass walls in the town cathedral, where they can be seen to this day.”

These individuals were innocents living in their own homes and town. Unless it can be proved that the city of Otranto had committed some egregious crime against a Muslim community elsewhere, there is no “blowback” involved here, as there is none in numerous other atrocities committed by Muslim fanatics over the past nearly millennium and a half.

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