european europe population growthWhile Europe’s indigenous population is declining as many people are choosing to have fewer children, the immigrant population is exploding. Most of these immigrants, of course, are from Muslim countries, which means that European demographics are changing dramatically, and Eurabia is emerging.

Contrary to what this rabbi opines, however, many people are likely not having children because of the environmental impact of overpopulation. Indeed, this notion appears to be lost on the religiously inclined who apparently feel that it is best to reproduce wantonly, no matter the cost in natural resources.

In reality, in an overpopulated world running out of natural resources, not having a bunch of children is a very selfless thing to do, while mindlessly reproducing yourself either for egotistical purposes, to “please God” or to dominate the world is incredibly selfish.

Instead of bringing an unlimited amount of mouths to feed into this world, let us make sure that everyone already here is well loved and taken care of!

Falling birth rate is killing Europe, says chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks

• People accused of being too selfish to be parents
• Sacks says non-believers lack family values

Europe is “dying” because its citizens are too selfish to have children, the chief rabbi has said, blaming a dwindling birthrate on a culture of “consumerism and instant gratification”.

Sir Jonathan Sacks accused people of caring more about shopping than spirituality and tied the secularisation of Europe to population decline….