I’m essentially the lone female scholar of notoriety in the field of mythicism, and I can guarantee you that my treatment is not unlike the first woman sports announcer in the locker room, the first female stock trader, or any number of “firsts” in which women have been harangued relentlessly.

Over the years during which I’ve been putting out some of the best work in the field, I’ve come to the blatantly obvious conclusion that a significant part of the bigotry and defamation thrown my way is based on my gender. It’s as clear as glass, and I’m not alone even in the nonbelieving, skeptical world, as assorted females within the mainstream atheist community have complained about vicious intimidation campaigns against them.

Why women would want to continue in that community is beyond me, but it’s one reason I’m not running around to this and that “atheist” or “reason” convention. SNORE! Sovereign remedy? Start your own thing and stop sucking up to the males dominating the field. They are doing their best to keep you out anyway, so why play with them? Empty out the churches AND the atheist conventions. Replacing one bigoted and sexist ideology with another is NOT an improvement.

In the meantime, I repeat that my work is among the best in this field, and I challenge anyone to produce a better book than, say, Did Moses Exist? Go ahead – I’m waiting. But first you actually will have to READ it and to prove to us that you have read it. Then you will have to improve upon it. Until then, I’m not interested in your opinion – and neither should anyone else be.

If you read or hear malicious TRASH about me and my work, please speak out. Thank you.

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