daniela santanche islam burkha burqa mohammed muhammad pedophile pedophiliaOn an Italian television program protesting the pending forced removal of crucifixes from Italian classrooms, this brave woman, Daniela Santanchè, stood her ground, repeatedly calling the Islamic prophet Mohammed a “pedophile,” while being shouted down by an angry Muslim man. She was applauded at one point by the majority of the audience, before a hostile Muslim male audience member jumped up and began raving.  Yet, she continued repeating her remarks.

She had earlier been physically attacked and threatened with death for declaring Muslim women oppressed and attempting to remove the veil from a Muslim woman.  We hope she will find some place safe from the members of the religion of peace. Can’t the Mafia protect this woman?  Where is the Mob these days, while their country caves into Islamization?

“Daniela Santanchè is the outspoken Italian political leader who was recently assaulted for protesting against the burka.”