women burkha burka burqa veil

Afghan women at USAID health clinic (Photo: USAID)

As I said in my last burkha post:

To be a good Muslim woman…she must not:

  • have a job
  • wear anything but Muslim clothing, including hijab, niqab, chador, abaya or burkha
  • drive
  • associate with non-Muslims/infidels

What we discover, therefore, is exactly what Islam means for a woman: Debilitation and isolation.  And that demoralized and derogated state is essentially enslavement, since she obviously has no choice, according to megalomaniacs who believe they have the right to impose such debilitation and isolation on her against her will.

The solution seems to be to ban the burkha for future generations. Allow the women who are very uncomfortable exposed to dress as they wish, but don’t let them force this oppression on their children. If members of society who are deformed want to dress this way because they are uncomfortable, they should be allowed. In this regard, fundamentalist Muslim women have been conditioned to believe their entire bodies are as sexy as what we consider the “erogenous zones.” It’s safe to say that most women would feel mighty uncomfortable if demanded to expose their breasts in public. I suspect that‘s exactly how these Muslim women feel without their various veils.

Oh, and I agree wholeheartedly with Pat Condell’s remarks below. Go, Pat! A brave man, indeed.