We’re having a bit of a debate on my Freethought Examiner column over my latest article:

‘Avatar’ is amazing – and disturbing

I expressed discomfort over a scene in which Jake mates with the ikran using his queue. While some have claimed this union is non-sexual, the James Cameron/Avatar Wiki states that the bonding is “highly erotic”: “The intertwining of queues is both highly erotic and profoundly spiritual, but does not in itself lead to reproduction.”

On a lighter note, this guy’s very funny!

The second part is funny too. Here he says: “I just had a hard time getting past how manipulative and simple the story was. Despite being really amazing visually, the Na’Vi were a little too perfect and harmonious for a primitive culture, and the military was a little too simplistic and destructive for an advanced culture. There wasn’t, like, a middle ground.”