I love Iran!I received the following important and enlightening comments from an Iranian living in the United Kingdom and calling himself “Cyrus,” the name of the revered ancient Persian king. I felt his remarks were significant to demonstrate that, while many Westerners think that by coddling and defending Islam they are protecting Muslims, in fact they are helping to keep millions of human beings enslaved under this ideology against their will.

Over the years, I have known many Iranians – or Persians, as some like to be called – and the bulk of them do not consider themselves Muslim, even if they were raised under Islam. In fact, most I’ve spoken with detest Islam and view it as a foreign invader cult compelled upon their people through force and violence. I’ve been told repeatedly by Iranians that millions of Persians want to be free of Islam, but they cannot escape so long as they live in Iran, under the heinous rule of the religiously fanatical mullahs and ayatollahs.

It does these millions of human beings a great disservice to defend Islam, which dominates their lives and essentially enslaves them. The Persians I’ve communicated with over the years are mystified by the leftist throwing in with this religious thuggery, actually enabling it to continue its hold upon the great and noble Iranian people. I agree that such support and defense of the world’s most infidelophobic, misogynistic and violent ideology is not only perplexing but downright immoral, in my opinion.

Rather than encouraging and enabling Islam’s grip on people like the Iranians, we of conscience should be helping them and any others who wish to be free to overthrow these religiously oppressive shackles. Instead, I constantly find many of my liberal peers to be helping rivet these shackles more firmly in place, which I feel is embarrassing and shameful indeed.

Let us hope that the Persians can extricate themselves finally from this oppressive religious rule, leading the way for millions of others globally who likewise may not wish to be under Islamic domination but who cannot escape, due to spiritual terrorism, social thuggery and malignant apostasy laws.

Basically, the overwhelming majority of the Iranian community has run way from Islamic law, which has been enforced in Iran since the establishment of the Islamic Republic regime since 1979. We fully support halting the islamisation of Britain and feel that people have a right to voice their concern about issues that are visible in British society. Basically, the Iranian people have come out to the streets many times in every major city of Iran, in the millions, to change the Islamic system to a secular, democratic one, but they have always been suppressed brutally by the Islamic state regime, which has been ruling Iran by murder for the last 35 years.

All democratic secular activists have had to go underground or flee the country to Europe or America. These are known facts about which there is no dispute. Waves of Iranians had to flee their country and live in Europe or America, mainly because they don’t want to live under a system that enforces Islamic religious laws or “sharia,” as they call it. These are laws belonging to the desert Arab society, which is the very opposite of Iranian/ Persian culture, heritage and traditions.

So, the Iranian community is fully aware of the suppression by Islam and Islamic laws as inscribed in Quran, the textbook of the religion of Islam. Iranians have felt this suppression within their skin and bones. The forcing of women to wear scarves on their head, 35 years of executions and crimes against humanity carried out by Islamic regime against secular, democratic, patriotic and liberal socialist groups of people who might have the potential of threatening their power. Even the most basic freedoms such as what to wear, dancing, drinking (which is an old tradition of Iranian people going back thousands of years), etc., etc., have all been suppressed every day, by laws fully in force as we speak.

The majority or 99% who have left Iran come to live in Democratic Secular countries precisely because they don’t want to live in a society that is ruled by Islamic law. So, as far as Iranians are concerned, it makes us sick to see Islamic activists roaming free in this country [U.K.]. If you go to any Mosque, you will not see one Iranian. Islam to Iranians means inviting the beheading of our ancestors, forcing them to accept Islam. And recent history as well, with the ayatollahs’ suppression, economical collapse, terror engraved in Islamic teachings – as long as it’s in the name of Allah, of course.

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In the following videos, we can see how millions of Iranian women during the 1979 revolution did not want to live under Islamic rule. They were physically beaten down by men, however, forcing this misogynist fanaticism upon them. It is shameful that their plight not only is ignored but encouraged to remain by Western “activists” stumping for the ideology and government that oppresses them.


Islamic fundamentalism does not give women a choice to wear a veil

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