Now that it’s the New Year of 2011, time to start looking towards 2012, which is widely touted as a year that will bring about great changes. The nature of those changes is debatable, as some claim 2012 will signal the “end of the world,” while Maya elders say that’s not what it means at all. And here comes my friend Dr. Carol Rosin to discuss how the powers that be will allegedly be springing an “alien” trap on the world in the coming years. Carol’s successfully predicted a number of previous events based on her insider experiences with government officials globally. Fascinating stuff, indeed!

Please note that the editorial at around 9:45, after Carol’s appearances, does not necessarily represent views shared by us at Freethought Nation. Nor am I endorsing the notion that there are alien beings or extraterrestrials of any kind on Earth, but I do like what Dr. Michio Kaku has to say on the subject of UFOs. I’m also not sure where the “2012” comes in, but certainly we have been hearing more about “aliens” and “UFOs” over the past decade or so. In posting this video, I am only interested in what the highly connected Dr. Wernher von Braun allegedly told Carol, as I think it’s important. And to those who may object to the notion of “the government” being involved in anything like this, does not the fact that a Nazi scientist was given a high post at NASA as part of a secret government operation raise an eyebrow in the first place?