“A woman is worth less than an animal.”

“That’s the tradition we have with daughters here in Afghanistan. That is common practice all over the country – you sell your daughters. You can sell them for a piece of land, some sheep or for money. That’s our way of doing it.”

Well now, since it’s your tradition and way, I guess we have to respect it. Let’s welcome thousands of these folks into our lands, so we can respect their traditions. After all, we are a multicultural society, and we must bow down to and accept everyone’s traditions!

Islam has truly brought so many blessings to Afghanistan, since, even if this is a pre-Islamic tradition, the religion has obviously not made any progress in getting rid of it. On the contrary, Islam has encouraged this utter misogyny with its own virulent woman-hatred.

It’s my tradition to despise women-hating barbaric cults and to expose them for the evil that they are – will everyone please respect my tradition?