Most are aware by now that a tragedy occurred as Acharya S/D.M. Murdock passed away due to cancer on December 25th, 2015. The cancer became resistant and came back very aggressively and took over her immune system and liver. Chemo-sensitivity testing revealed that absolutely nothing available can stop this type of cancer at this time. She worked so hard to defeat this cancer as everything she ate or drank was anti-cancerous because she did not want to die and leave her son and her work.

We are devastated. I have just lost my best friend. It was a privilege and an honor to know her and to work with her and be so close to her and her son for the last several years. She was truly extraordinarily special to us and so many others as well. The grief I feel for such a loss is unimaginable and heartbreaking.

We/she feel like she never got her opportunity to really make her best case for her work in astrotheology and the mythicist position. She planned to do lectures around the country and the world. She was recently invited to be on the FFRF radio show with Dan Barker to discuss her Moses book and she was really looking forward to that. She has about 600 pages for her 2nd edition to her first book for which Dr. Price has offered his assistance to help finish that book and we are grateful.

Please continue to donate at her own websites at her donate page so that her websites, books, blogs, videos etc can be maintained but I can only do that with enough donations to keep it going. So, keep in mind that every little bit helps $5, $10 or $15 from many can make a real difference. So please help out however you can.

In her own way she achieves immortality through her work living on by being passed on to future generations to help protect humanity from bankrupt religions and cults.

In memory of Acharya S and her legacy her please share her mythicist position video

Share your own thoughts and stories about your own experiences with her and/or how her work helped you. Others are still able to write blogs here as well. If you’ve already written a memoriam feel free to post a link to it below in the comments – just keep in mind that she never ever used the name “Dorothy” so please don’t call her by that name as those who really knew her never did.

– N.W. Barker

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