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Dating and Deciphering the Gospels

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Dating and Deciphering the Gospels

Once upon a time four Christian works were chosen from among hundreds to become the cornerstones of a rising faith based on a Jewish godman known as Jesus of Nazareth.  They materialized almost out of nowhere during the middle to late Second Century, and were named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  But where exactly did these scriptures originate from and why were they eventually given such prominence?  Why were they not part of the Jewish Mystery Religion spearheaded by Paul of Tarsus and the Egyptian Gnostics of the First Century?  We take a CSI examination of the Canonical Gospels, from their possible origins to their evolution to their contrasting messages.  We glance behind the curtain to the men who paved a golden brick-road for the incoming supremacy of Orthodox Christianity.  We dust the four Gospels for Gnostic and Pagan fingerprints. Lastly, we separate the myth from the messiah, perhaps understanding in the end it was never possible to distinguish the two; and even the early Christians and their leaders might have known this.

Astral Guest– D.M. Murdock/Acharya S, author of Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, The Christ Conspiracy and Suns of God.

Topics Discussed:

–Hints and betrayals of when the Gospels were written by such Church Fathers as Justin Martyr, Papias, Origen, Theophilus, Irenaeus and many more.
–Why the real source for the Gospels might…be [both] “Q” [and] Josephus [among others].
–Obvious anachronism in the Canonicals that point to a late dating.
–Why the Gospel of Luke itself admits it was written in the Second Century.
–Some of the original influences on Christianity such as the Egyptian Hermeticists, Philo of Alexandria, the Mystery Religions and even the Roman nobility.
–A summary of the mythicist position and the liberating power of myth.

And much more!!!