While I am moving closer to the publication of my Moses book, I could use some assistance, so I’m offering a brand-new, 40-page ebook entitled, “A Pre-Christian ‘God’ on a Cross? My paper examines a famous artifact of a crucifix with the inscription “Orpheos Bakkikos.”

A Pre-Christian ‘God’ on a Cross?

  • Contains over 40 images illustrating the main themes
  • Includes numerous primary sources, often with original text in Greek and Latin
  • Provides 119 footnotes and annotated citations
  • Includes a bibliography with some of the latest research
  • Contains an extensive table of contents with many subsections, for ease of reference
  • Includes image captions for the visually impaired
  • Reviewed by a top Latin expert whose work is featured

You may know that the artifact examined in this ebook has been assailed as a “forgery,” but is that assessment truly scientific? Or is it a rush to judgment and hasty conclusion based on bias and oversight?

For more information, including a table of contents, please see:

A Pre-Christian ‘God’ on a Cross?


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