This image has gotten more retweets than anything else I’ve posted. Love the guy whose response is “f*ck off.” Brilliant! I’m sure the little girls whose lives are ruined by this indoctrination will benefit from such enlightened comments. [/sarc]

Pat Condell retweeted my post, which led to over 100 RTs and many “favorites.”

One “joke” caption reads, “Muslim girls on their way to meet their husbands.”

The Shiite Muslim holiday represented here is apparently Ashura, possibly in Lebanon, as here:

Shia Muslims Practice Self-Flagellation and Walk on Fire Prior to Ashura

The caption on a similar image – of women, not little girls – reads:

Muslim Shi’ite women, chained to each other, march during a re-enactment of the battle of Kerbala during a mourning process in Saksakieh village, in southern Lebanon, on Dec. 4.

Ashura is the same festival during which babies and little boys’ heads are cut open, as here:

Babies cut during AshuraSome elements of this holiday are being celebrated already in the U.S., as in Georgia:

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