Ground Zero mosque protest crowd SIOA FDI Spencer GellerI have collected here videos of speakers who appeared at the 9/11 rally by the Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America headed by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller and held near Ground Zero in Manhattan on 9/11/2010. This rally also represents those who oppose the Ground Zero mosque.

Pamela Geller’s opening remarks in remembrance of the 9/11 dead were followed by comments by Robert Spencer, who introduced religious leaders to invoke prayers.

Families of 9/11 victims spoke next. Nelli Branginskya, who lost her son Alex, asked, “Mr. Bloomberg, do you sleep well? You don’t have a bad dream?” Nelli goes to pray at Ground Zero, the only grave site for her son, and she doesn’t want to hear “Allahu akhbar!” when she’s there.  A paradamedic who lost two friends on 9/11 spoke next, addressing the GZM imam, Rauf, whose actions have caused so much pain. Rosa Leonetti reminds us that the 9/11 victims’ loved ones have been waiting nine years for a memorial, patiently and tolerantly, while the mosque gets a green light ahead of them: “We’ve shown tolerance, for a mayor that now puts his business interests in the Middle East ahead of the long suffering of family members.” She also points out that Rauf’s “warning” that “anger will explode” if the mosque is moved  sounds not like “tolerance” but more like a threat: “Mr. Rauf…Americans do not like to be threatened!”

This speech is by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, transcribed here. Extolling the virtues of New York City, Wilders pointed out: “Among those lost were people from 55 nations, people of every religion and every persuasion. No place on earth had a more multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-lingual workforce than New York’s proud towers.”

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton via satellite discusses the figures behind the proposed Ground Zero mosque.

Conservative radio talkshow host Mike Gallagher also spoke powerfully, calling the proposed GZ mosque an “appalling lack of sensitivity and respect” and saying, as Obama suggested, it is indeed high time for people to learn all about Islam, which inspires endless bloodshed. He says an Islamic mosque at this site is “wildly inappropriate.”

Following is the speech by ex-Marine Ilario Pantano, a Republican running for Congress in North Carolina. Among other things, he points out that where the mosque is being proposed IS Ground Zero. (Indeed, watching the footage of the WTC buildings fall, one can contend that the billowing detritus extending out for thousands of feet in every direction leaves a very wide “scene of destruction” for what could be deemed “Ground Zero.”)

The following speaker is Joseph Nasralla, an Egyptian Copt who escaped persecution by Muslim fanatics to live in freedom in the U.S. He is very emotional about not letting this country come under influence of Islamic fundamentalism and sharia law.

Here is a video of Sam Khoshbaten’s speech at the rally. Sam is an Iranian Muslim activist who is highly critical of the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

NYC radio host Steve Malzberg’s speech follows, which he opens by saying he fears for his 11-year-old son’s future. He also reminds us about GZM Imam Rauf’s “veiled threat” that if the mosque isn’t built, the rabid terrorists will attack us, and addresses the epithet “Islamophobia.” Malzberg recites the stats of “hate crimes” that show how America is NOT Islamophobic.

Andrew Breitbart’s speech via satellite addresses the mainstream media’s slurs against the 66% of Americans who oppose the Ground Zero mosque.

See also PACE University professor Richard Connerney’s speech transcription.

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