The 2015 Astrotheology Calendar published by Stellar House Publishing and created by D.M. Murdock aka “Acharya S,” along with N.W. Barker, serves as a basic introduction into the world of archaeoastronomy, solar mythology and astrotheology. As has been the case with our past Astrotheology Calendars, in addition to showing lunar phases and astrological signs, this year’s calendar highlights the solstices, equinoxes and fire festivals with a different color for each of the eight relevant days. Also as in the past, in our quest to inspire an interest in astrotheology, mythology and archaeoastronomy, we have provided fascinating information about the astronomical alignments and astrotheological meanings of various archaeological sites, ancient artifacts and myths from around the world.

This year’s calendar showcases the solstices and equinoxes, which are celebrated in religious festivals and mythology, as well as by alignments of fascinating ruins worldwide. On the cover, we feature an image of the Pyramid complex at Giza, Egypt, which marks the winter solstice, represented by the akhet or symbol of the sun between two mountains.

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The 2015 Astrotheology Calendar