Walking on Water

Another motif well represented in Buddhist literature and artifacts such as a stone carving from Sanchi (1st cent. bce) depicts the godman or his disciple(s) walking on water (Lockwood, 40). Both Buddha and Jesus, along with chosen disciples, are portrayed as walking on water, but the Buddhist tale clearly predates the Christian one, by many decades if not centuries....

Regarding the antiquity of the water-walking motif, Lockwood (40) remarks:

In India, accounts of the paranormal ability of walking on water are as old as the ancient epic, Mahabharata—long before the time of the Buddha.

Concerning these various parallels, Lockwood (42) quotes Dr. William N. Brown's conclusion:

…To find this sort of most recondite handling of miraculous material at all in two separate bodies of religious literature should arouse suspicion, but to find it…attached to similar stories seems to me compelling testimony that the two stories are genetically connected.

Buddha walking on water, with waves and fish. Borobudur, c. 800-900 AD/CE (Photo: patandmiketravel.blogspot.com/2010/11/buddhas-and-dragons.html

Source: Buddhism's Relation to Christianity