The Sun

Excerpted from The Astrotheology Calendar
by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S & N.W. Barker

In a number of places, the myth of the sun can be summarized as follows: In the winter, when the days are the shortest, the sun is a baby. As "he" moves towards the spring, when the days and nights become the same length, the sun attains young adulthood. As he reaches the summer solstice, when the days of the year are the longest, he achieves full manhood, and then begins the decline towards old age, after the days become shorter than the night following the autumn or "fall." Eventually the sun "dies" and is reborn again at the winter solstice.

Summarizing this mythos, Macrobius related that the Egyptian year was depicted as follows:

Little child = Winter solstice
Young man = Spring equinox
Bearded man = Summer solstice
Old man = Autumnal equinox