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For exact phrases, use quotation marks, such as "The Christ Conspiracy."


"Search the various windings and caverns of the human heart, and draw from thence the most probable conclusion, for this is more to be depended upon than the projects or declarations of ministers."

Thomas Paine, Life and Writings of Thomas Paine (18-19)

"Attempt the end, and never stand to doubt; Nothing so hard, but search will find it out."

Abraham Lincoln, Speeches and Writings (197)

"If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not reached by search or trial...."

Heraclitus, Treasury of Spiritual Wisdom (148)

"Each knows that his desire can never take the place of fact, and that, next to finding truth, the greatest honor must be won in honest search."

Robert Ingersoll, The Works of Robert Ingersoll (247)

"The happy man is...the man who, without any direct search for happiness, inevitably finds joy as an added bonus in the act of forging ahead and attaining the fullness and finality of his own self...."

Teilhard de Chardin, Treasure of Spiritual Wisdom (279)

"And to seek and search for your uniqueness is a great thrill, a great adventure."

Osho, Meditation: The First and Last Freedom (21)

"You traverse the world in search of happiness which is within the reach of every man; a contented mind confers it all.."

Horace, Treasury of Spiritual Wisdom (69)

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