Despite the strides made in the past centuries, in this day and age non-religionists and freethinkers remain under assault from religious fanatics and maniacs who would terrorize and enslave us given the chance—and they continue to attempt to silence us with laws designed to make criminals of us if we object to their archaic, brutal and backward religious doctrines. The global political entity called the United Nations is currently being hijacked by such would-be spiritual enslavers, who want to outlaw "defamation of religion" and to silence critics with "antiblasphemy laws" straight out of the Dark Ages. For this reason, there is a sense of urgency attached to my work on planet Earth, as I do not wish to see true human civilization fall to these plotters who would subjugate us all—and make no mistake about it, that is their goal, as it has been for many centuries.

In this regard, I do wish readers will take to heart these various freedom-inducing concepts and make sure they are not stamped out by religious tyranny and fascism, by using the same tactics as those employed by the destroyers of free speech and human rights. Claim these liberating and freethought concepts as your religious beliefs, and do not allow these spiritual terrorists to blaspheme your god and your religion, which herein are themselves free speech and human rights. Their religious terrorism and mania—their desire to enthrall you under their spiritual tyranny—represent defamation of your religion. Stand up for your liberty, freedom and enlightenment, and do not let these subjugators take them away. There is strength in numbers, and we currently have the numbers to defeat the religious terrorists—let us use them wisely and with all due haste.

Let us also emphasize using wisdom because, while we want to inspire people to be passionate in their protection of themselves against tyranny, we ourselves do not want to produce tyrants. In this "Gospel," I hope to impart all of this sentiment and more, and to provoke just such wisdom and passion....

If you are atheistically prone and do not enjoy discussions or definitions of God or spirituality, you may still wish to read my colorful essays and rants—consider them not as doctrine but as "mystical poetry" addressing some of the most important and profound concepts to face humanity. It is my experience that most people enjoy these mystical or spiritual subjects and that the notion of God will not disappear from the human psyche, so let us at least drag it out of the Stone Age and redefine it.

...there is a feeling of urgency to my work in trying to keep the religious tyranny and spiritual enslavement at bay, as millions of religiously deranged and God-obsessed individuals attempt to crush all aspects of true human enlightenment and liberty, covering up and subduing all wonder, beauty and awe. If we do not cherish and hold sacred the freedom-inducing concepts contained in this gospel, we may find ourselves very well staring down the black hole of a new Dark Age. In the end, it is my sincere desire to impart a sense of delight and celebration of life that will act as an antidote to such darkness and dire straits. Please join me in this effort!