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Man Made God

Reviewed by Angel of California
(originally posted on Amazon)

Man Made God 250

"Powerfully Enlightening and Useful!"

I finished reading Man Made God a few weeks ago and found it powerfully helpful in understanding how human behavior fundamentally transitions from a mother-child-focused culture based on cooperation and kindness to a male-focused culture based on competition and fear. This collection of essays provides valuable insight on how ancient observation of natural events as well as their practices, symbols, languages, and rituals are reformed or suppressed through time.

Man Made God lays out convincing motive for why secrets are kept and why symbols/words/phrases are violently protected. It explains the significance of blood and words, their origins and meanings, and how these concepts were used and still being used to associate real things with supernatural power to persuade human behavior.

"Man Made God untangles a great deal of confusion for those asking how an all-powerful god could allow such sadistic behavior towards innocent woman and children through the ages."

This book is especially enlightening for those who struggle to understand and attempt to reconcile the mysteriously illogical textual conflicts spread throughout the canonical Bible. It untangles a great deal of confusion for those asking how an all-powerful god could allow such sadistic behavior towards innocent woman and children through the ages and still expect to be worshipped as an all loving and all caring god. It helps those asking why god would create something and call it good just to encourage its suffering, and wondering how god can be both supreme and good.

It sheds light on how male dominated culture encourages abuse, violence, war and ultimately epic human suffering. Thankfully now, with anthropological and archeological advances, evidence of our human saga is being resurrected from the womb once again reminding us that our ancestors weren't always barbaric rivals obsessed with sexual dominance and conquering each other. We're rediscovering we were long ago harmonious cultures of enlightened people well aware of our natural surrounding, cultures that lived harmoniously for many thousands of years with each other. A time arrives when these cultures become systematically usurped to serve conquering rulers and their co-conspiring religious elite.

"These essays expose a sobering reminder of just how stuck in the shadows we still are."

Still today our leaders are using the same genocidal methods of engineering ignorance to eliminate their competition, systemic persuasion to control the mind, and physical force to instill fear against rebellion. I would like to think we've left behind the dark ages with our 21st-century progressive attitude towards women and with our relative freedom of expression, but these essays expose a sobering reminder of just how stuck in its shadows we still are. Competition and fear enshrined into modern western thinking is still being bred into our youth as virtue. It's clear today's society still serves the desires of a few at the expense of many.

Even in today's civilized society, our governments still approve wars that will knowingly shed blood on a battlefield altar. I wonder if some decisions are still being made because someone still believes these sacrifices of blood are pleasing their god.

Although this work is a series of essays, it still reads like chapter book and flows well. There are some repeated passages but given the format it made sense to review some important points. There are also several interesting photos of ancient relics included to support the evidence presented.

Anyone seriously interested in repairing our relationships with ourselves, who genuinely cares about all others with whom we share this planet, who has an honest reverence for all living things in cooperation with our environment, or who intends to actually help move our species toward preserving our future existence, should consider viewing this work and honestly think about the current path we are all on, especially before we nuke ourselves to dust simply because a man needs to show off he has a bigger missile than his fellow man, sanctioned by his bigger god.

For more information, please see Man Made God.

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