The Gospel According to Acharya S

Notice of Errata

In August 2009, I revised The Gospel in the following manner. There were only a few errors, which were readily fixed, and not all of the changes below actually represent "errata" per se After The Gospel first came out, I realized its potential globally felt the need to adjust the Epilogue to be applicable to all liberty-loving peoples worldwide. Hence, I have also added some text, as likewise shown below. I have also added in the Prologue a bit of clarification as to The Gospel's content. The error on p. 156 is somewhat amusing and comes from my constant typing of the word "god." I have also added a photo of myself in the back.

D.M. Murdock/Acharya S




copyright   Revised August 2009
vii Israelite human sacrifice, medieval manuscript Jephthah's Sacrifice, Maciejowski Bible (c. 1250)
7 Stone Age and redefine it.

Stone Age and redefine it. 

I should add that there is also much fascinating factual material as I present in my other books but which is unique to The Gospel, including a short but succinct discussion of the leaders of Communism and Nazism, and their relationship to religion.

38 of a particularly ethnicity of a particular ethnicity
61 deceased loves ones...departed love ones deceased loved ones...departed loved ones
67 destined to bring designed to bring
 70 derived for the Sanskrit derived from the Sanskrit
 101 DeMeo, 270. DeMeo, 270. See 2 Kings 3:26-27, 16:1-4 and Jer 7:30-31.
 122 and it certainly is a group led by and it certainly is "a group led by
 126 he or she has been told by a higher power to lead such a group,"

he or she has been told by a higher power to lead such a group"—or who is essentially viewed as a "divine incarnation" of some sort—

 131 and so. and so on.
 142fn Krishna, KBLG Bryant, KBLG
 156 "Let my freethinkers god!" "Let my freethinkers go!"



"the liberty to question and doubt unscientific and uncritical beliefs, especially as concerns religion"
 163 Dhammapada Lotus Sutra

against our freedoms but also be spread around the world to every land and culture.

Our forefathers fought too hard for the liberties that we enjoy now, so much so that


against our freedoms but also that its human-respecting and life-affirming philosophy be spread around the world, to every land and culture where people cherish liberty.


This exhortation does not serve as a call for American imperialism, in the sense that the U.S. Constitution should be compelled whole cloth upon other nations or upon a global government. Rather, we are interested in seeing the major principles of individual human and civil rights that the Constitution and its Amendments embody—such as liberty and justice for all—be applied on a worldwide basis. This "sacred scripture" may be and has been used in creating new constitutions in other lands that factor in the ethnic and other needs of the people(s) whom it is designed to protect. It is the overarching wisdom concerning human integrity and individual potential behind the Constitution that needs to be extended globally.


Our forefathers in many parts of the world fought too hard for the liberties we enjoy now for us to let them go so easily. As

 169 None of the  Few of the
 169 Constitutional mandates Constitutional values
 171    DeMeo, James, Saharasia, Natural Energy Works, OR, 1998, 2006.