Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people have been led to believe that God is a Jewish or Arab man, because of the origins of scriptures through the minds of Jewish men (Bible) and Arab men (Koran). However, in other parts of the world, "God" is perceived as having a different ethnicity all together and not as a Jewish or Arab man. And an inhabitant of a remote island doesn’t even know that the Jewish or Arab god exists.

The idea that God wrote the Bible, Koran or other scripture, spoke only to individuals of a particularly ethnicity, admires and rewards them, mated with a woman and had a son of a specific ethnicity, raised up a prophet of a certain culture, is not a reflection of divine revelation at all but of complete and utter ethnic bias and egotism. This fact rates as the naked truth. When humanity comes to this understanding at last, then and only then can we have peace on earth.