If we have free will, then we are also free not to believe in the male Jewish-Arab God/Allah or Jesus in the first place, without risking eternal hellfire or any other sadistic punishment by the megalomaniacal and tyrannical Almighty. We can be free not to believe in some hallowed god person separate and apart from a wretched creation but, rather, to perceive the entire cosmos as divine. Out of our free will, we can choose not to harm other sentient beings (and even humans), regardless of what religious leaders beckon us to do. We can choose to reject being part of a herd of panicky sheep who turn into wolves when it benefits them. Out of free will, we can be "free agents" who do not belong to religious cults of any sort. Indeed, without "God's plan," we can be free to create our own vision, one of a world not divided by spurious creeds based in myth and used to justify racism and sexism. With our boundless free will, we can create a utopia of unified humanity. Free of our god-addiction, we can be free to just be.