Temptation by the Evil One

Yet another "Christian" motif that appears within Buddhism is the temptation of the supernatural savior by the evil being. Discussing the temptation of Buddha by the "demon" Mara, Lockwood (37) remarks:

The Gospel of John makes no mention of the temptation of Jesus by the devil. In fact, this gospel rules this episode out as a possibility, as Jesus is said, in this account, to proceed immediately after his baptism, to enlisting five men as his first disciples, and then on to performing miracles and preaching. (The Buddha also had five disciples in the beginning of his preaching the Dharma.)

As we can see, not only are there important differences between the Christian gospels, indicating their fictional nature, but also the correspondences between Buddhism and Christianity are pronounced. In this instance, we read of two such parallel motifs: The temptation and the five initial disciples, both of which must have emanated from Buddhism to Christianity, in such a scenario of transference or "borrowing."

Buddha tempted by the evil one, Mara

Source: Buddhism's Relation to Christianity