It is time for the world to wake up to the manipulations of both the history-hungry political leaders and the religious zealots on this planet. When it comes to politics and religion, the fanatics in either arena will always interpret incidents in a light favorable to themselves, at the expense of the defenseless and uneducated. It is easy for a person in hindsight to construe a world event in a manner to fit his or her belief system, and it is even easier for politicos, priests or government agencies to create history in order to suit themselves or prove their chosen faith, creed or party. Whatever the case, the world suffers for it, because such fabricated and puffed-up renditions of reality are exploitative and repeatedly lead to discord and warfare. There can be no peace on Earth if everything is constantly being viewed through the muddy glasses of belief systems, and belief systems as they apply to "religion" are no different. It is our destiny to become more universal in our perspectives and behavior, perceiving the cosmos as one, yet filled with utterly unique and marvelous creatures. And this prophecy must come true, or we will face an apocalyptic nightmare of our own making, the so-called End Times also laid out in the Bible as a blueprint in Revelation that far too many millions of people are enthusiastic about bringing to pass.